It's not pretty but it's real.

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bulma was such a hoe in dbz

Total Marty McFly moment

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Man Overboard ~band blog~


Man Overboard
~band blog~

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You say shit like this, but fall for guys like this. Shut the fuck up already with your relationship problems. You did this to yourself.


You’re easy on the eyes, heavy on my heart

Old Book

Old Book

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I know you said forever
But forever just freaks me out
And you know I said I’d never
But I’m not without my doubts

  • Keep me in that space
  • Between the things you
  • Hold so close just like the rest
  • Next to your memories
  • And the words that's burning
  • In your chest, so I'll be here if you need me


You close your eyes and kiss your hand then you blow it.
But it isn’t meant for me, and I notice
If the choice was ours alone,
Then why’d we both choose letting go?
Does it end like this?

Time never had a chance to heal your heart
Just a number always counting down to a new start
If you always knew the truth
Then the world would spin around you
Are you dizzy yet?

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